Get Inspired!

TransportRenew, is a logistics company that have everything to inspire our clients and our competitors as well. Everything from employee’s attendances and workhour calculations to the tracking of the vehicles is done with the help of state of the art systems. Each of our vehicles moves under strict surveillance.  So, we are leading the industry in several departments. Let us tell you more…


GPS Based Tracking


Well, this is something that comes at a huge price. However, for us – it’s more important the safety and security of our employees and the products we carry. That is why we are operating with a GPS monitored fleet. Because of an extensive tracking and monitoring system – most of the insurers charge minimum freight on account of the goods we transport. The vendor who is managing these services for us have a brilliant name and it’s an internationally recognized brand.

Computerized Tuning

Being a transportation company our days and nights revolves around vehicles, engines and their maintenance. For the past three years, the entire tuning of the engines at workshops is done by means of computerized systems. Thus, the engines we are operating are totally friendly towards the environment and they are optimized for a sustainable operation as well. Our workshops are open for the external vehicles as well. We have the finest mechanics available and each of the vehicles is handled according to the vendor`s guidelines


Mobile / Web Based Tracking

We are one of the few logistics companies, offering mobile device based tracking facility. Whatever your device`s make and model is – our tracking application can easily be downloaded and used. For android users we Android and iOS users can visit their application stores for downloading the latest version available and at no cost. By entering your invoice number and after proper authentication you will be able to learn everything about the status of your shipment. Here, we have to understand the difference between manually operate and managed tracking systems and completely satellite based automatic tracking system. The kind of monitoring we are offering operates on real time basis.


Computerized Attendance


We believe the work-life balance and its maintenance is a prime responsibility of every employer. For ensuring the implementation of management`s scheme and decisions we have employed computerized attendance system. None of our employees is allowed to work for more than twelve hours a day. The attendance system we have is capable of sending notifications to the management and the HSEQ department. This system is also integrable with our payroll management system. We as an ISO certified company are spending a lot of money for keeping these auxiliary systems up to the mark.